A One-stop Solution for Retail Fixtures
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A One-stop Solution for Retail Fixtures

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A One-stop Solution for Retail Fixtures

Welcome to Kayshelf!

Kayshelf is a manufacturing enterprise in the industry of Retail Fixtures since 2001, who has been dedicating not only to supply top quality retail fixtures, but also to provide professional one-stop solution for our customers.

Retailing industry place an extraordinary important role in our society, it provides our daily lives necessities in bulk categories. Supermarkets, hypermarkets, grocery stores, convenient stores, garment shops, pharmacies, you can name more, are forms of retail industry which we can not live without.

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These forms retailing require well-ordered display of all commodities in safe, comfortable and convenient ways. So came this sub-industry: Retail Fixtures. Supermarket gondola shelving, convenient store shelving, hypermarket shelving, boutique store shelving, featured display units, grocery display racks, garment/clothing shelves and racks, display hooks, warehouse racks, etc, are commonly seen retail fixtures.

As a manufacturer, Kayshelf always see quality as the top priority. Over the two decades, we never stop investing in upgrading our manufacturing facilities. The cut-edge facilities for manufacturing of steel shelving and racking such as CNC machine, punching machine, laser cutting machine, laser welding machine, powder coating machine, etc, are the hardware of our quality, and the software, our crew,  qualified engineer and well-trained manufacturing operators.

If quality is the root of our business tree, then professional service is the leaves. Thru the two decades, Kayshelf never stop seeking for improvement, to gradually enforce its crew, to strategically expend its product categories, to upgrade its management system, just to qualify itself to launch professional, ONE-STOP solution for customers.

Your satisfaction, our mission!

Established in 2001, we have grown to be one of the most competitive manufacturers in the industry of retail fixtures in china.

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